Business Phone Lines

Business Line Rental and Business Line Rental Plus are our business phone lines and calls services with per second billing, low daytime call rates and no call setup or minimum call charges.

Our business phone lines have a one month contract (just like our award-winning Broadband services) and line rental only is just £17.00* per month.

Business Line Rental

  • 1 Month Contract
  • Per Second Billing
  • No Call Connection Fee
  • Free to switch
  • Off-peak calls to 01/02/03 numbers from 0.85ppm, see more in pricing below

per month


Business Line Rental Plus

  • 1 Month Contract
  • Per Second Billing
  • No Call Connection Fee
  • Free to switch
  • 5000 inclusive minutes to 01,02 and 03 numbers. Monthly £10 cap on 0845 numbers
  • International calls from 1.7p per minute

per month


*All prices exclude VAT.

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Our business phone line rental only service, Business Line Rental, starts at £17* and provides you with some of the lowest call rates available. If you would like to have inclusive minutes with your phone line then choose Business Line Rental Plus which has 5000 inclusive anytime minutes to 01, 02 and 03 numbers, with a £10 spend cap on 0845 numbers for only £23.50*.

Calls are billed per second, and these are visible on the Customer Portal, helping you to manage your service more effectively.

You can also choose from our range of optional feature packs to help you manage your service, such as 1571 Answer Phone, Call Waiting and Call Diversion and Call Barring.

Switching your phone line

It takes 10 working days to switch your phone line**, and once you have placed your order we will manage the entire process, including contacting your existing provider. You can keep your current phone number so there is no need to change any stationery or advertising materials.

New phone line installations

If you require a new phone line to be installed then call our Sales team on 01706 902100 who will be happy to help. Connection time is usually around 10 working days but can be less.

** if switching from TalkTalk, Sky or BT Terms and Conditions apply

Features & benefits of our business phone line

  • Save money - per second billing, low daytime call rates, no call setup or minimum call charges
  • Easy and hassle free switch - let us know you want to move to Zen and we'll take care of the rest. Also, get to keep your existing phone number
  • Flexible - minimum one month contract
  • Great service - UK based call centre
  • Convenience - Broadband, phone line and calls all from the same company

Standard Feature Packs (billed monthly)

Feature Description Price Ex VAT
48 Hour Fix Faults will be cleared by the end of the next working day, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holiday and Bank Holidays. Free
Last Number Called Tells you the number that called last and call return Free
Number Withhold Allows you to withhold your number Free
Ring Back Calls to let you know when engaged number become free 15p per use
Three Way Calling Speak to two people at the same time 15p per use
Reminder Call Set an alarm call 15p per use

Optional Feature Packs (billed monthly)

Feature Description Price Ex VAT
Call Identity Displays the telephone number of the caller £0.75
Call Waiting & Diversion Call Waiting & Diversion £2.00
Call Screening Anonymous Caller Rejection - you choose to reject call £1.50
Call Barring Outgoing calls barred by Zen (except 999/112) - you control outgoing calls to Premium and International numbers £0.50
1571 Answer Phone Answer Phone Service £1.50

Price does not include the cost of the call to the diverted number, which is chargeable at the standard rates of your Zen Talk package.

Business Phone Lines call rates (pence per minute)

UK and Standard Mobile Call Rates
Call Type Daytime (7am - 7pm) Evening (7pm - 7am) Weekend (Fri 7pm - Mon 7am)
UK Local & National Calls (01/02/03 numbers) 1.28 0.85 0.85
O2 Mobile 9.36 7.23 7.23
Orange Mobile 11.92 7.23 7.23
Three Mobile 12.34 7.23 7.23
T-Mobile 9.00 7.00 7.00
Vodafone Mobile 11.06 7.23 7.23
084, 0847, 09 & 118 numbers 11ppm access charge plus service charge
  • There are no set up, call connection or minimum call charges associated with calls made to any of the above call categories
  • Charges are Pence Per Minute (ppm) excluding VAT
  • Calls are billed by the second
  • The overall charge per bill and not each individual call is rounded to the nearest penny
  • For mobile tariffs please refer to these rates
  • For other service numbers please refer to these rates

International Call Rates


                  All call rates are given in pence per minute.
                  Full list of call rates.