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IT has always been integral to the success of a business, but never has a development in technology had such a huge impact on IT strategy until cloud. Organisations across the world are replacing their legacy platforms to take advantage of the agility, scalability, reliability and security of cloud services. IT no longer has to be seen as just a ‘cost of doing business’. By using cloud services, IT is driving and shaping the businesses of the future.

Prezzybox's business model is highly cyclical, with huge peaks in demand during significant events. With Zen and AWS, Prezzybox is able to scale resources automatically, on-demand as traffic levels and transactions grow, giving them the resources to scale. 
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Enter The Cloud

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Make the right choice...

We know how to tailor cloud to meet your business challenges head-on, and will take you through a thorough consultation and design process to ensure your bespoke solution helps your business to grow and transforms your operational efficiency. By combining our network and cloud capabilities we’ve got it covered – from the ground up.

Professional services

Support, maintain, restore

You need a team of managed service professionals to take care of your solution 24-hours a day – every day. From monitoring your system, to troubleshooting issues to ensuring a seamless restoration; we ensure your IT provision is fully functional at all times. See us as an extension of your own team; ready and waiting to support you whenever you need us.

Our Platforms

Professional services

Zen Cloud

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Based solely in the UK, built on VMware infrastructure, capable of operating across multiple sites and with the option to be wholly-managed by our expert team, Zen Cloud is perfect for those with more traditional, enterprise applications who wish to make the first move to cloud hosting.

Providing near-infinite scale for unlimited cloud storage, industry-leading security accreditations and a robust framework to ensure future success for your business, AWS, the world’s leading provider of cloud for IaaS will deliver unrivalled agility to your organisation.