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Managed Security

Our Managed Security solutions enable your business to increase network protection and reliability whilst at the same time reducing your business costs.

Our comprehensive and high performance security solutions portfolio delivers the highest level of network, content and application security for enterprises of all sizes.

At the heart of our Managed Security solutions is the award-winning range of FortiGate UTM firewalls from market leaders Fortinet. Their Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall will help secure your business from increasing Internet threats.

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Fortigate’s UTM and next generation firewall network security appliances provide a powerful blend of application control, IPS, antivirus, antispyware and antispam protection, web filtering, messaging security, centralised network security management and reporting solutions

Additionally we offer 24/7 network monitoring and next day hardware swap-out as standard.

Desktop Managed Security

Enterprise-class protection for your smallest locations, remote offices, customer premise equipment (CPE) and retail networks.

FortiGate 40 series FortiGate 60 series FortiGate 80 series
Desktop options 2 x 10/100/1000 WAN Ports, 5-port 10/100/1000 Switch 2 x 10/100 WAN/1000 ports, 10/100 DMZ port, 5-port 10/100/1000 internal switch, Internal Storage and Express Card slot 2 x 10/100/1000 ports, 10/100 DMZ port, 6 port 10/100 switch and Express Card expansion slot
New sessions/sec 2,000 3,200 12,000
Max. concurrent sessions 40,000 500,000 1,000,000
Firewall throughput (1518 / 512 / 64 byte) 200/200/200 Mbps 1.5/1.5/1.5 Gbps 1,900/700/120 Mbps
Anti-virus throughput 20/40 Mbps 35/50 Mbps 350Mbps
IPS throughput 135 Mbps 200 Mbps 350 Mbps

Mid Range Managed Security

Proven, versatile network security platforms enable your organisation to find the right blend of performance and price.

FortiGate 100 series FortiGate 200 series
Mid-Range rack mount options 8 x 10/100 and 2 x 10/100/1000 ports , includes rack mount kit 4 x 10/100/1000 FortiASIC-accelerated ports, 4 x 10/100/1000 & 8 x 10/100 non-accelerated ports, 1 FSM slot
New sessions/sec 22,000 15,000
Max. concurrent sessions 2,500,000 500,000
Firewall throughput (1518/512/64 byte) 2,500/1,000/200 Mbps 5/5/4 Gbps
Anti-virus throughput 300/700 Mbps 95/200 Mbps
IPS throughput 950 Mbps 650 Mbps

Features of our Managed Network Security

  • Complete Internet protection - real time defence against spam, viruses, spyware and intrusion attempts
  • 24/7 network monitoring - benefit from around the clock protection from Internet threats and attacks
  • On-going maintenance - on-going policy changes and configuration updates are provided by our team of accredited and qualified engineers
  • Network activity reports - understand more about your network and the traffic passing through it
  • Secure virtual private network management - implement safe and secure multi-site communications and deploy homeworking to reduce office costs
  • Deep packet inspection firewall - enjoy the best perimeter defence with an industry leading firewall platform
  • Customised web content filter - ensure your business complies with best business practices by prohibiting access to illicit websites 
  • Next day hardware swap-out - keep your business up and running with this advanced hardware replacement service

Leasing Options

For a simple monthly fee we will provide you with a fully configured and licensed FortiGate Unified Threat Management security solution that we will manage and maintain for you remotely.

Should your network security requirements change during the course of the leasing agreement then we will swap-out your existing FortiGate device for a more suitable FortiGate platform, thereby guaranteeing that your business benefits from the best level of network protection at all times.**

Our leasing options are particularly suited to businesses that anticipate rapid network growth and businesses that prefer to spread the usual set-up costs over the course of a fixed term.

Please note:

  • ** If you choose to upgrade your FortiGate firewall during the leasing period then a new leasing agreement will need to be signed, this will supersede the existing leasing agreement. The duration of the new leasing agreement must exceed the time remaining on your existing agreement and have a minimum 12 month term.

Unified Threat Management

Our managed network security solutions are based on Fortinet's range of Unified Threat Management firewall platforms. These unified security firewalls are the next generation in network security and remove the need for multiple network security devices.

If you are new to the unified threat management concept then the following information will help to explain why this platform is the fastest growing segment within the managed network security marketplace.


The Advanced Anti-virus technology uses both signature and heuristic detection engines to provide multi-layered, real-time firewall protection against a multitude of attacks at the desktop and the network gateway.


The FortiGuard Anti-spam Service provides automatic updates to reduce the amount of "obvious spam" at the network perimeter. To increase detection rates, the FortiGuard Anti-spam Subscription Service deploys "dual scan" technology to quickly identify, tag, or block obvious spam messages.

Web content filtering

The FortiGuard Web Content Filtering Service regulates and provides valuable insight into all Web activities allowing customers to meet new Government Regulations, HR Policies & Corporate Internet Usage Policies.

Intrusion Prevention Service

The FortiGuard Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) arms you with the latest defences against stealthy malicious and suspicious network activity.

Secure VPN

With advanced VPN capabilities our managed FortiGate service enables organisations to easily expand the availability of their network to remote sites and teleworkers at minimal cost.

All FortiGate devices support SSL VPN which means that remote workers can securely access network resources whilst on the move via any web browsers on any device in any location. You don't need to install and manage expensive VPN clients on each piece of equipment, instead the end-user simply uses their web browser to navigate to a secure web page and log-in using approved access credentials. Once authentication has been processed the end-user has access via the secure site to their required network resources.

PCI Compliance

PCI DSS standards provide broad requirements for businesses with regard to protecting customer card data from internet based security threats We can carefully configure and manage your FortiGate UTM device enabling you to secure customer transactions transmitted over the Internet using the latest data encryption technologies. Our remote management and monitoring service will also provide detailed Internet activity reports to aid network forensics.

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