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Why Leased Lines Are Right For Your Business

Leased Lines and Ethernet provide your business with guaranteed symmetrical connectivity reinforced by a premium 100% availability Service Level Agreement honoured by Service Credits. Leased Lines are available over copper (EFM) or fibre (Ethernet) and offers bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps.

We have recently invested £3.5 million in the deployment of over 200 Ethernet Points of Presence (PoPs) which enables us to offer competitively priced business class connectivity covering the requirements of small offices through to large data centres.

Our award-winning service provides 24/7 technical support, plus 4 hour onsite engineering response for equipment failures.

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Our Leased Line portfolio provides a range of options which cover the requirements of a small office using NGA Ethernet or Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) through to Head Office/Data Centre connectivity using fully diverse, high capacity Fibre Ethernet circuits.

Our NGA Ethernet service is our most cost effective Leased Line option for providing symmetrical bandwidth with a 100% SLA and 24/7 support, and as with all our Leased Line products a managed router with 4 hour onsite response and ADSL backup are provided as standard.

NGA Ethernet is more widely available than EFM and can be delivered in as little as 20 working days, bandwidths are provided from 2Mbps up to 10Mbps in increments of 2Mb, making it an ideal replacement for legacy SDSL and Partial Private Circuits.

NGA Ethernet is delivered through Next Generation Access technologies of Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the Premises and reinforces our commitment to make large enterprise class services available to businesses of all sizes.

A Leased Line provides the reassurance of a business grade solution for ensuring the flow of information in your organisation We deploy fully managed, best of breed router equipment at your site which includes out of band management as standard via an ADSL backup circuit.

What Our Customers Say

Please find some commonly asked questions and answers below.
What is a leased line?

A leased line is a permanent, dedicated high performance telecommunications network connection which can carry voice, data and Internet traffic via a copper or fibre optic connection between a customer site and a Zen Point of Presence (POP). Leased lines are also sometimes referred to as a T1 connection/ T1 line, or an E1 connection/E1 line.

Why would I need a leased line?

Leased lines are used by businesses that need high speed reliable Internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week giving greater peace of mind. They offer dedicated, uncontended bandwidth ensuring that the maximum line speed is always available when required.

What speeds are available with a Leased Line from Zen?

Our leased lines are available in three products: Fibre Ethernet, EFM and NGA Ethernet. Fibre Ethernet is available from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps, EFM from 1Mbps to 35Mbps, and NGA Ethernet from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

We have fibre at our premises; can this be used for the
leased line service?

All quotations assume existing fibre is present and available for use, however, a site survey will still have to be carried out to ascertain whether the correct fibre is present and available for use. This can only be determined following order placement.

Can the leased line service be upgraded?

Yes, but there are some restrictions that need to be considered however. When upgrading from an older services, a new circuit and CPE may be required. All Ethernet circuits can be upgraded up to the maximum speed of the circuit (10Mbps, 100Mbps, or 1Gbps) subject to increased annual rental charges.

What equipment is needed to connect to the leased
line service?

All our Leased Lines and Ethernet services are provided with a fully managed Cisco Router suitable for your service.

How secure is the leased line service from Zen?

A leased line is inherently secure in its own right because it operates as a point to point service. However, if a connection is provided to the Internet additional security services will need to be implemented such as firewalls. We provide a full range of managed security products, more details can be found in the security section.

Can I use my existing firewall?

Yes. Any firewall can be installed behind the CPE to protect the customer network from security breaches; however, Zen will only support devices that form part of a contracted managed security solution. For a full Unified Threat Management solution more details can be found in the security section.

Is it a totally managed solution from Zen?

Is it a totally managed solution from Zen? Yes, we offer a fully managed leased line service. This incorporates management of the CPE and monitoring of the leased line circuit. However, we also offer an unmanaged service (wires only) for channel partners wishing to source and manage their own hardware.

What Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available on the leased line service?

Our Leased Line and Ethernet customers are covered by a 100% SLA. If your service is unavailable at any stage, you are entitled to service credits as compensation.

What level of support is available?

The service is fully supported 24/7 by our BSU team and Network Operations Centre. Any faults reported by customers will receive a response within 1 hour.

Can we save money with a leased line/Ethernet line from Zen?

You can actually save a considerable amount of money through vast improvements in performance, reliability and uptime, thereby improving organisational efficiency. This can apply from small companies with few users up to large companies with thousands of users.

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