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Our IP VPN service equips your business with a private fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN) which guarantees the performance of your voice, multimedia and application traffic.

Choosing Zen for your IP VPN means

  • you have complete visibility and control of the performance of your business traffic across the network
  • you benefit from 6 traffic classes to carry your different types of data all securely guarded by our Unified Threat Management platform.

We are committed to providing a premium service during specification, implementation and operation. Our dedication to professionalism means you have a partner who is serious about your business needs and responsive to your specific requirements.

Whether you are consolidating multi-site internet access or embarking on full convergence of your ICT environment, our MPLS Next Generation Network will deliver your business critical traffic securely and reliably.

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Our IP VPN solutions

We offer a range of managed access connectivity options for linking your offices into the IP VPN. Whether you require low cost broadband with optional 3G Failsafe for small/home offices or a fully diverse resilient Ethernet deployment at a Head Office or Data Centre, our team of expert technical advisors will support you through the process of selecting the most appropriate technology for each site.

Our award-winning levels of service are applied at every stage of your IP VPN delivery, from ensuring the smoothest possible migration during deployment through to providing on-demand traffic performance reports in our Customer Portal, with Zen safeguarding your WAN operations you can focus resources on meeting the ever increasing demands of your users.

Benefits of our IP VPN solution

Choosing Zen as your trusted IP VPN solution partner augments your business with a pool of expertise to design, deliver and assure the most suitable network for your requirements.

  • Business Continuity - The Zen IP VPN runs over a self healing MPLS Next Generation Network which is managed using state of the art monitoring tools, we offer a portfolio of resilient connectivity options for your sites ranging from diverse Ethernet to broadband with 3G failsafe.
  • Operational Efficiencies - operating a single network for all IT & Communication requirements reduces infrastructure and operational overheads as our trained, qualified engineers look after your IP VPN 24 hours a day. Our network is ideal for providing connectivity to the latest integrated business communication applications for each of the sites in your organisation
  • Network Consultancy - we have over a decade of experience in providing IP VPN solutions to all business sizes. Our team of experts will perform a Network Audit and then advise on the most appropriate VPN implementation option and Quality of Service (QoS) mappings
  • Project Managed migration & co-existence - each deployed IP VPN solution benefits from a dedicated project team which will work with you during the period of network co-existence and a phased migration away from the old infrastructure to Zen Internet
  • Application Centric Network - the Zen IP VPN is ‘Private Cloud Ready’ and has been built from the ground up. We have implemented a QoS model in accordance with RFC5127 and RFC3270 supporting 6 traffic classes for you to assign to applications in order to guarantee Quality of Experience (QoE) for your users
  • Award-winning service - our award-winning service teams monitor the network 24 hours, seven days a week. In the event of a router fault at one of your sites we will have an engineer there within 4 hours. To support application performance commitments to your users, we offer Network Performance SLA’s on individual traffic classes
  • Security - using our Managed Firewall products, we can help you define your firewall policies e.g. allowing remote users to access the corporate WAN access whilst maintaining perimeter security

IP VPN options

Our philosophy is to take a no-compromise approach to the performance of your IP VPN, this is reflected in our dedication to technical excellence and unrivalled service. Business applications running across the WAN need to be responsive and aid your user’s productivity by selecting the correct access connectivity and QoS implementation.

Access Connectivity

All of the access circuits we provide from your sites into the VPN are provided with industry leading CPE routers and allow options on the level of management you wish Zen to provide.

Access Option VPN Broadband VPN Office Broadband Fibre VPN Broadband Fibre VPN Office Broadband EFM/Ethernet Leased Line 2Mb-1Gb

Maximum Download Speed

16Mbps 16Mbps 76Mbps 76Mbps 1Gbps

Maximum Upload Speed

1Mbps 1Mbps 19Mbps 19Mbps 1Gbps

Minimum Downstream Target

2Mbps 2Mbps 12Mbps 16Mbps Guaranteed bandwidth

Application Performance and QoS

An application running across the WAN requires the network to operate within certain performance thresholds, when multiple applications & services are converged onto the same network each one needs to be assigned to a Class of Service (CoS) with the appropriate traffic handling characteristics.

Tolerance to:
Service Class Name Traffic Characteristics Loss Delay Jitter
Telephony Fixed sized small packets, constant emission rate, inelastic & low rate flows Very Low Very Low Very Low
Signalling Variable size packets, some bursty short lived flows Low Low Yes
Multimedia Conferencing Variable size packets, constant transmit interval, rate adaptive, reactive to loss Low to Medium Very Low Low
Real-Time Interactive RTP/UDP streams, inelastic, most are variable rate Low Very Low Low
Multimedia Streaming Variable size packets, elastic with variable rate Low to Medium Medium Yes
Broadcast Video Constant and variable rate, inelastic, non-bursty flows Very Low Medium Low
Low latency data Variable rate, bursty short-lived elastic flows Low Low to Medium Yes
High Throughput Data Variable rate, bursty long-lived elastic flows Low Medium to High Yes
Low priority data Non-real time and elastic High High Yes

At Zen we have extensive experience of assessing and designing QoS enabled IP VPN solutions to meet our customer’s convergence needs. Working with Zen to map your applications to the correct service class and accompanying performance SLA removes any ambiguity over how users traffic is managed through the network.

Class of Service

Service Priority and Applications


IP Telephony


Video Conferencing/Media Streaming / Business Critical Applications


VoIP call signalling and Business Critical Applications


Business Critical Application, e.g. SAP


Business Critical Application/Bulk Data Transfer


Standard traffic, e.g. email/Internettraffic etc

Reporting tools

To support you in providing the best service to your end user community, we provide tools for checking the utilisation of the QoS enabled IP VPN and the performance of each individual Class of Service. We are committed to a continual programme of developing and improving the Zen Customer Online tools, our aim is to make all the information you need to support business IT decisions available at the push of a button.

Sample QoS report

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