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On a mission to provide the #bestisp service

9.2 from 10 Excellent
5.1 from 10 Average
1.5 from 10 Bad
0.7 from 10 Bad
0.4 from 10 Bad
Source: Trustpilot, April 2016


3G Backup for Broadband

Business connectivity around the clock. Get a failsafe route to the internet with Zen’s 3G backup service, great for any business wanting a cost-effective, always-on connectivity solution that provides a seamless Broadband-to-3G failover.

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The depletion of IPv4 addresses has been predicted for the past few years and with the last large block of IPv4 addresses allocated, IPv6 is becoming increasingly important.

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Leased Lines

If you need a little bit more from your connectivity, dedicated Leased Lines could be ideal. Great for companies who require guaranteed internet access, rely heavily on uploading as much as downloading and need to run a little faster than other businesses.

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Assess My Needs

Still not sure if business broadband, fibre broadband or a Leased Line is right for your business? Zen's Connectivity Clinic asks six questions about your business and gives you advice on the best connection for your business needs.

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