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Colocation is ideal if you wish to maintain the flexibility and control of owning your server, reduce risk and minimise your capital & operating costs incurred when hosting in-house. With prices starting at only £59 per month (ex VAT), our Colocation service allows you to house your servers and related equipment in a secured rack in our own easily accessible, secure Greater Manchester Data Centre.

We can offer space in a shared rack, your own dedicated rack or your own private suite, with rack space from 1u and power allocation from 0.5 amp. To make your move to our Data Centre even easier, we can even help you move your equipment from your current Data Centre. We've partnered with a leading provider of Server Relocation and Logistics Services who can take away the pain of migrating Data Centres.

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Our Colocation Hosting

Our Colocation services provide a cost-effective way of securely hosting your mission critical IT infrastructure, together with providing reliable and flexible Internet access for Internet or Intranet services. Our Colocation facilities are ideal if you want to remove the hassle of operating your own Data Centre or do not have the necessary equipment or resource to host your IT infrastructure.

We offer the rental of Colocation rack space and power within our purpose built Data Centre facility which is located within easy access of the M62 in Greater Manchester.

We offer both shared and dedicated racks as well as private suites to suit your specific Colocation requirements. Shared racks are ideal if you have a small amount of equipment; dedicated racks provide more capacity together with a lockable and private environment for your hardware and private suites gives the opportunity to create a tailored Data Centre space to suit your individual business requirements with an additional tier of security.

Benefits of our Colocation Hosting

  • Control over your hardware & software – you retain full control over your server, you choose the hardware & configuration. Most administration and maintenance can be performed through remote administration via remote KVM (Keyboard, video and mouse) control
  • Always available connectivity - running over our resilient core network infrastructure, our data centre has redundant and high-speed connections, making additional bandwidth available should you have a bandwidth burst, but you are charged only for the amount that you actually use
  • Pricing - you simply pay a monthly operating cost dependent on how much space, power and bandwidth you require. It is expensive to keep your IT infrastructure within your own offices as there are the on-going costs of office space, infrastructure, along with hidden utility and staff costs
  • Security & risk mitigation - by housing your IT equipment in our secure Data Centre, it makes your business less vulnerable to physical loss or damage to critical business systems
  • Scalable/expandability - simply buy the required amount of rack space and power and scale it up as your business grows
  • Always available power - our Data Centre offers power redundancy through using a combination of multiple power substations, an on-site diesel generator, an online uninterruptable power supply (UPS), independent rack power distribution units (PDUs) & breakers and excellent maintenance practices
  • Location - our Greater Manchester Data Centre is based just off the M62, making it easily accessible to most cities in the north of England and is staffed 24×7 by skilled network, technical and security experts

Features of our Colocation Hosting

  • Choose between shared and dedicated rack space as well as private suites
  • Flexible and scalable power options starting from 0.5 amp power allocation per month
  • Connectivity options include tariffs based on data transfer allowance or fixed throughput

Key service features of our Colocation Hosting

  • 24 hour site access
  • On-site technical support team available 24/7
  • Remote hands service included
  • Options for hardware installation and tape rotation are available

Our Colocation Hosting SLA commitments

  • 99.999% network availability SLA
  • 100% power availability SLA
  • 1 hour 'at rack' SLA

Colocation Hosting options

We offer a range of colocation services – all hosted within our own secure Greater Manchester data centre - to meet your specific colocation requirements.

Colocation Product & Features Shared Rack Colocation Dedicated Half Rack Colocation Dedicated Rack Colocation
Rack space 1u - 2u 18u 41u
Power Allocation 0.5 to 1 Amp Up to 10 Amps Up to 20 Amps
IEC C13 Power sockets Included
N+1 Power Architecture Included
DRUPS Protected Included
Power SLA 100% Availability
Network SLA 99.999% Uptime
Internet Connection Includes an allocation of fixed bandwidth capacity or a data transfer allowance
N+1 HVAC Architecture Included
HVAC SLA 99.97%
VESDA & Gaseous Fire Suppression Included
Remote Hands Service Included
Remote Hands SLA 1 Hour 'at rack' guarantee
24hr Security Controlled Access Included
24hr Onsite Security Team Included
Data Backup Optional Zen Vault Professional offsite data backup
Price/month From £59 From £450 From £795

Call our Sales team on 0845 058 9000

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