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Broadband Usage Checkers

Zen has launched a new Web service and multi-platform clients for business broadband customers to monitor their account usage throughout the month.

This service can be used to check the real-time usage statistics of any Zen broadband service that you have permission over. Data can be accessed from your desktop, Web browser or Windows system tray without having to sign-in to the Zen Customer Portal each time.

Usage Checker Features

Features vary depending on the client you choose to use. Currently, the Windows .NET client is the most fully featured however all clients display the following information for any accounts you have permission over:-

  • The overall amount available for your business broadband product
  • Current monthly download & upload usage
  • Amount of available "banked" usage
  • The percentage of your total usage amount used in the current month
  • Instant access to purchase additional download usage for your selected broadband account

The .NET client additionally shows:-

  • Historical data for your broadband account(s)
  • Detailed account information and line statistics
  • Instant access to the broadband product regrade wizard in the Zen Customer Portal

Official Clients

The following clients can be downloaded from the Zen Support Web site

Develop Your Own Client

The Web service is open to any third party developers to develop their own client.

Third Party Clients

Additional third party clients may be available from the support site.

Help & Information

For further information see the following support articles:

You can also visit our Support Forum

If you have any queries regarding this service or any of the Zen supplied clients you can send us an email.

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