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Fibre Optic Broadband is the Internet accelerated, so you can do more and you can do it faster. Say goodbye to sluggish downloads and hello to lightning fast connectivity at your fingertips.

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Deborah Wilkinson, owner of Zeitgeist Hair Salon, a small business in Hebden Bridge was recommended Zen Internet by an IT Manager friend. The business needed to switch providers...

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Zen Internet - Not just basic Fibre Broadband, but the finest

Everyone’s excited about fibre but if you thought that buying fibre from one provider is the same as another, think again – Liberate your connectivity forever with the finest fibre around.

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No throttling, no squeezing: The Zen approach to traffic management

It’s hard to run your business, your way within limits. At Zen, we want you to be able to concentrate on what you do best, without thinking about boring stuff like throttling or squeezing…

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Award-Winning Fibre and Phone Packages for your Business

For the highest quality business connectivity, Zen Internet is the smart choice. We offer fast, reliable and affordable Fibre Optic broadband, with download speeds of “up to 76Mbps” and upload speeds of “up to 19Mbps”. Liberate your business with increased productivity, reduced costs and much, much more. Our team have carefully created a choice of fibre broadband package perfect for smaller businesses just like yours.

Fibre 1 Unlimited Fibre 1 Unlimited Fibre 2 Unlimited Fibre Office
Up to 38Mbps download speed Up to 38Mbps download speed Up to 76Mbps download speed Up to 76Mbps download speed
50GB Usage Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage Unlimited Usage
£16.25/month + line rental £22.50/month + line rental £25.00/month + line rental £59.00/month + line rental
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Customer Feedback

Fantastic UK support and incredible speeds have enabled our hosting services to expand exponentially at less than half the price of my previous provider!
Adam Joesbury, Total SEO Services Ltd
Unlimited download limits, full speed 24/7, no restrictions on browsing websites, great customer services and 0% downtime
Alex Butler, Alpha Recording Studios

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