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Web Hosting

Our reliable and secure web hosting provides the perfect home for your website. Hosted in our secure Data Centre you can have the confidence that your website is in safe hands.

  • 1 month contract
  • State of the art UK Data Centres
  • UK Support when you need it
  • Trusted by thousands of customers
  • 17 years web hosting experience
  • Scalable to meet your needs
  • Domain names available with privacy options
  • Secure your website with an SSL certificate

How do I know which web hosting product I need?

The type of web hosting you need depends on the development language or database you plan to use with your website. The operating system which your computer uses (e.g. Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows) will not affect the type of web hosting you require.

  • Linux web hosting enables you to publish your website quickly, easily and to send & receive email. Linux web hosting is known for its quality, performance, ease of use & security.
  • Windows web hosting is the ideal environment for Windows web developers. Our Windows web hosting packages supports websites built for ASP.NET & MS SQL and content created in Visual Studio & Webmatrix.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Reseller
£3.99 £7.99 £11.99 £19.99 £39.99
1 Month Contract 1 Month Contract 1 Month Contract 1 Month Contract 1 Month Contract
Web Space
Web Space
Web Space
Web Space
Web Space
1,000GB Bandwidth
cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel WHM
up to 1GB per Database up to 2GB per Database up to 5GB per Database up to 10GB per Database up to 25GB per Database
MySQL Version 5
Version 5
MySQL Version 5
Version 5
MySQL Version 5
Version 5
MySQL Version 5
Version 5
MySQL Version 5
Version 5
10 FTP
50 FTP
150 FTP
300 FTP
unlimited FTP Accounts
10 Mailboxes with anti-spam & anti-virus protection 25 Mailboxes with anti-spam & anti-virus protection 50 Mailboxes with anti-spam & anti-virus protection 100 Mailboxes with anti-spam & anti-virus protection 250 Mailboxes with anti-spam & anti-virus protection
unlimited websites
Order Order Order Order Order
Designer Developer
£4.99 £14.99
1 Month Contract 1 Month Contract
10GB webspace 50GB webspace
50GB bandwidth 250GB bandwidth
1 database

500MB per database
3 databases

500MB per database
10 FTP accounts 50 FTP accounts
1 website 3 websites
Order Order

Why Zen Internet?

  • Reliable, UK cloud infrastructure

    We provide powerful, secure web hosting from our own state of the art UK Data Centre. We utilise a virtualised cluster of servers to eliminate the possibility of any downtime, giving you a fast & highly reliable website.

  • 17 years’ experience & trusted by thousands

    We’ve thousands of happy customers, so you can be confident that your website is in safe hands. That's why we only offer 1 month contracts across all our web hosting packages.

  • Here in the UK, when you need us

    Our award-winning UK support team offer the highest levels of UK telephone and email support. No expensive telephone numbers to contact us on; quick and easy for you to get in touch.

  • Full Website Solution

    Get your website up and running quickly and securely. Whether you need a Domain Name to create your unique website address, or an SSL certificate to keep you and your visitors’ safe, we have everything in one place.

  • Honest and generous usage allowances

    Unlike some hosts, we clearly state how much web space and data transfer you have each month. No hidden limits in complex acceptable use policies; just simple, honest web hosting.

  • Choose from Linux or Windows Web Hosting

    Linux hosting supports websites built for PHP, Perl, CGI or MySQL, with one click web apps to make it easy to add functionality to your website. Windows hosting supports websites built for ASP.NET & MS SQL and content created in Visual Studio & Webmatrix.

One click Web Apps 

One click web apps make it easy to add functionality to your website. Such as blogs, shopping carts, support tickets, content management systems and much more.

Fantastico is a module within the Linux control panel (called cPanel) that allows users to install a variety of useful web tools and add-ons (scripts) within a few mouse clicks.

With such a variety of apps the biggest challenge is choosing. Based upon customer feedback, industry reviews and our own experience, we've handpicked the 11 finest from a selection of 37 for you to use within your website including:

Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla logos

Photo Galleries

Website Builders/ Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Templates Express (Website Builder): A series of 56 professional static website templates. Perfect for new, inexperienced users who want to set up a website quickly and refine it further at a later stage. URL:
  • Drupal (CMS): Widely recognised as the most powerful, easy to use and search engine friendly of the four main CMS's. URL:
  • Joomla! (CMS): Joomla! is designed to enable even non-technical users to add or edit website content, update images, and manage critical data. URL:
  • Mambo (CMS): Mambo is a popular choice for the development of small commercial sites thanks to its attractive interface and easy setup. URL:
  • PHP-Nuke (CMS): PHP-Nuke is both easy to configure and to use, making it a valuable addition to our select Fantastico scripts. URL:

Forum, Blog, Shopping Cart (Ecommerce)

  • WordPress (Blog Creator): Blogs are essentially websites featuring diary-type commentary with links to articles or other websites. Feature-rich, very easy to use and with neat & professional site templates, if you want to start blogging, this is a great place to start. URL:
  • osCommerce (Shopping Cart): osCommerce is an e-commerce and online store management system providing a basic set of functionality that aims to address the common needs of online businesses. URL:
  • phpbb (Forum): phpBB has become the most widely used Open Source forum solution. It has a large and highly customisable set of key features including powerful permission systems, private messaging, search functions, a customisable template and language system, as well as support for multiple databases. URL:

Email features 

  • Webmail - gives you an extensive, easy to use email interface with calendaring, memos and task management included
  • Email forwarders/aliases - allows you to receive mail for more than one email address to a single mailbox with each account is allowed an unlimited number of email aliases
  • Autoresponders - for each email account can set up auto-responders which send an automated reply when an email is received

Anti-Virus protection for email

All email destined for your Linux web hosting account filters out potential threats before they are passed to your inbox. Regardless of where the domain name is hosted, mail is passed through our virus filtering cluster which uses a powerful antivirus engine. 

The anti-virus engine is updated multiple times every day, and contains hundreds of thousands of virus signatures.

Anti-Spam protection for email

In addition to virus scanning we also pass all email destined for your Linux web hosting account through a spam filtering cluster. The cluster identifies spam by matching each emails fingerprint against a matching list and, if found to be spam, rejecting it before it reaches your inbox. 

On average, we as a web host reject over 2 million spam emails every week before they reach our Linux web hosting customers.

Anti-Virus scanning on Uploaded files

Active anti-virus scanning is performed on all text files uploaded to our Linux web hosting servers via HTTP and FTP. The active scanning of uploaded files can help prevent exploitation of an account by malware by moving suspicious files to quarantine before they become active. 

In addition to utilising the same anti-virus signature database as our email gateways, the breadth of exploit detection includes:

  • Over 3000 known exploit script fingerprint matches
  • Regular expression pattern matching to help identify unknown exploits
  • Filename matching
  • Suspicious file names
  • Suspicious file types
  • Binary executables

The system has been tuned for performance and scalability in order to ensure your Linux Web hosting service remains responsive and reliable.

Windows Features

Front Page Extensions - FrontPage Server Extensions are a software technology that allows Microsoft FrontPage clients to communicate with web servers, and provide additional functionality intended for websites.

Unlimited Domain Aliases - Domain aliases allow you to assign more than one domain name to your website e.g.,, can all point to the same website.

Custom MIME Types - A MIME type is a label for a given type of data so software can know how to handle the data. It serves the same purpose on the Internet that file extensions do on Microsoft Windows.

ASP.NET 2 - the latest version of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology, this is a powerful tool for creating dynamic and interactive websites

AJAX - a new and popular set of development tools that help make interactive webpages load more quickly and efficiently

MS SQL 2005 - faster, more scalable and with better security than either MySQL or MS Access, this is the ideal solution for developers creating database driven websites

Windows Web Hosting packages also come with a Helm control panel. In addition to helping you perform basic administrative tasks, the Helm control panel also makes it possible to link multiple hosting accounts to provide a low cost yet scalable solution that can grow as your website grows.

SSL Certificates

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a technology that can be integrated into a website to protect and secure confidential data. The key purpose of using a SSL certificate is you ensure visitors trust your website.

You need an SSL certificate if you conduct online transactions via your Web site, if you send or receive information of a personal nature via your website or if you just wish to inspire trust in those who communicate with you via your website.

By taking SSL certificate visitors to your website will see:

  • “https://” at the beginning of URL address.
  • a closed padlock in their browser to indicate that connection to site is secure.

We can provide SSL certificates for use with all of our web hosting packages, for more information please contact our Sales team on 01706 902100.

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