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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers use enterprise grade Dell server hardware, are located in our own secure Greater Manchester Data Centre facility and are connected to our resilient high capacity network.

The Data Centre, core network and dedicated server hardware are monitored 24/7 by our team of skilled engineers. This means that we are able to provide an unrivalled Service Level Agreement (SLA) which includes 100% network up-time and 1 hour hardware fix guarantees.

Call our Sales team on 0845 058 9000

Upgrade to our new range of servers that deliver impressive performance from only £150/month.

Our Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are based on the enterprise grade Dell PowerEdge server range, which benefit from the latest Intel Xeon quad core processors, RAID configured hard disks and dual redundant power supplies to protect against hardware failure.

All of our dedicated servers can be configured around your specific hardware requirements and come complete with either a Windows or Linux operating systems environment.

Our Greater Manchester Data Centre

We host your dedicated server in our own secure Data Centre and connect it to our highly resilient network to provide guaranteed availability. Each dedicated server comes with a 100Mbps Internet connection which is more than enough to cope with traffic spikes and usage peaks.

Additional services such as Online Data Backup and Managed Firewall security can also be provided to give you all the tools you need to create a comprehensive, self-managed hosting environment.

Alternatively, we can take care of all hosting platform needs with our fully Managed Hosting services.

Intel. VMWare. Linux. Dell. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Symantec. Veeam, Modern Data ProtectionISO9001. ISO14001. ISO27001

Benefits of our Dedicated Servers

  • Flexible - our dedicated servers are built to your specific requirements using Dell PowerEdge servers which are located in our own secure, reliable Data Centre
  • Reliable - our dedicated servers come with RAID protected hard disks and dual power supplies to protect against failure. The network benefits from redundant links to ensure availability
  • High Performance - 100% of the servers resources are available to serving your web content which means improved performance over shared hosting services
  • Control - retain complete control of the dedicated server with full admin access to the operating system

Key service features of our Dedicated Servers

  • Full Admin/root access gives you complete control of your dedicated server
  • 24/7 network and hardware monitoring means that we can respond to issues without delay
  • Standard or customised server configuration options to meet your specific needs
  • Firewall security and data back-up options are available for a comprehensive hosting solution

Our Dedicated Server hardware

  • Dell PowerEdge R320, R520 and R720 server hardware
  • Intel Xeon Quad core processors
  • RAID protected SAS or SATA hard drives
  • Dual power supplies to enhance availability
  • Choice between Windows or Linux operating systems

Our Dedicated Servers SLA commitments

  • 100% network availability
  • 1 hour hardware fix

Our network

  • Resilient 100Mbps Internet connection
  • Flexible data transfer bandwidth allowances

Dedicated Servers options

Build your own dedicated server - we can tailor a server specification around your specific requirements.

By adding more CPU power, more storage or more RAM, we can deliver an even more powerful dedicated server platform to meet the needs of your more demanding hosted applications.

Typical specifications include:

R320 R520 R520 Plus R720
Server Model Dell PowerEdge™ R320 with dual PSUDell PowerEdge™ R320 Dell PowerEdge™ R520 with dual PSUDell PowerEdge™ R520 Dell PowerEdge™ R520 with dual PSUDell PowerEdge™ R520 Plus Dell PowerEdge™ R720 with dual PSUDell PowerEdge™ R720
Platform Type Windows or Linux
Windows Server logo Linux Server logo
Windows or Linux
Windows Server logo Linux Server logo
Windows or Linux
Windows Server logo Linux Server logo
Windows or Linux
Windows Server logo Linux Server logo
Processor Intel® Xeon®
E5-2407 2.20GHz
Intel® Xeon®
E5-2420 1.90GHz
Intel® Xeon®
E5-2420 2.10GHz
2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2650 2.00GHz
Number of
4 6 8 16
16GB 32GB 64GB 96GB
Storage 2 x 1TB SATA (RAID 1) 2 x 300GB SAS (RAID 1)

2 x 300GB SAS (RAID 1)
2 x 600GB SAS (RAID 1)

2 x 300GB SAS (RAID 1)

Monthly Bandwidth
(100Mbps connection)
ex. VAT
£150 £250 £350 £450

Call our Sales team on 0845 058 9000

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